Naked Desert Calaveras
All credit goes to models Alexis June Walters, Kate Doster, GiGi Swiney, Kaylee Ann Gerth, NeoXeta, 
Elizabeth Slick, Lilly O'Valley, and many others who remain anonymous. Assistant Tim Schirack. Photos by Rachel Slick

When the earth turns away from the sun and autumn comes, the spirits of the dead 
return to the earth to take part in celebration, feasting, remembering, and seeing loved ones. 

The scent and golden glow of their favorite flower,the marigold, guides them through the thinning veil, flickering candlelight beckons, and the sound of old boleros and children's laughter help the dead find their families. Bats swoop low over our heads, bringing messages from very close but inaudible to our ears. 

This is Dia de Los Muertos

We gathered in the desert, 15 souls in all shapes, sizes and ages in celebration of Transformation. Our faces painted to greet the dead, we bared our skins to the love      and prickles  of the Sonoran Desert.  Our Soft living bodies glowing in the evening light contrasted dramatically with the hard eternal bone of our painted skull faces. Arms raised in salutation, we mourned and celebrated simultaneously...missing our dead, and inviting them back for Dia de Los Muertos. 

Every body has struggled in some way to accept the skin they inhabit. We shed our clothes to give others the opportunity to see beauty in every line, bulge, hip roll and stretch mark.
 It is so easy to see the beauty in others. Not so easy to see in ourselves. But with each strong and lovely expression of acceptance, it gets us closer to accepting and loving ourselves. 

This page is dedicated to all of our dead. Especially my baby, Marigold Elizabeth, who died before she got a chance to live. 
In every ancient culture, West is the direction of the dead. The sun dies every evening to be reborn in the East. Spirits travel West to follow the sun. 
We gathered in the West to mourn our dead. We called out their names and beckoned them to return for the feast days of Dia de los Muertos. Naked as the dead and the newly born, we celebrated Transformation.